Mr. Hoosteen

Mr. Hoosteen

Mr. Hoosteen is the next big thing in French Touch. The “Definitive Disco Edition” of No Time 2 Lose is the best French Touch album I have heard in years, with an aural aesthetic reminiscent of Cassius 1999, Daft Punk’s Homework and Paul Johnson’s work on the Crydamoure label. Recently, on my WSUM show The Prescription, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the up and coming French Touch producer on the precipice of the reissue and reimagination of their 2020 album No Time 2 Lose. Throughout our interview, we chatted about the intersection of music and visual art, our shared profound love of French Touch and the art of seamless album transitions.

Creators and Guests

Quentin Holle
Program Director at WSUM