Mandy, Indiana

Mandy, Indiana

Mandy, Indiana is probably my favorite band to come out of this decade so far. With only one EP under their belt and their debut album coming out on May 19th of this year, they’re on their way to be the next big thing out of Manchester. The band makes harsh, industrial dance music. Their lyrics are all in French. Back in March, I had the chance to speak to Mandy, Indiana while they were in the US for South By Southwest. They’re elusive and undeniably talented. I met them at a famous taco chain in Austin called Torchy’s Tacos, and we sat down for food and drinks to talk about their debut album. Tune in to hear about their creative process, why they’re okay with being misunderstood by most people and how their live performances help them communicate with their listeners.

Creators and Guests

Amany Khreis
Music Director at WSUM